We have extensive experience in satisfying the transportation needs of our industrial clients, who don’t want to burden themselves with overheads and additional staff, while retaining full control. We can also hedge your exposure with fixed rate contracts or agree market-related index contracts with a matrix of port pairs. Our offshore transshipment solutions may enable you to use bigger ships and save freight cost.

Let us analyse your needs and provide you with a comprehensive logistics concept. We will assign our best expert to become your primary point of contact. This person will work hard to understand more about your cargo and your trade, so we can serve you better and make you happy. This has worked for hundreds of our clients and we are confident that we can make it work for you.

At OLDENDORFF CARRIERS, we always operate in an extraordinarily open, transparent and equal way. That extends to our interaction with potential clients, suppliers, brokers and authorities, and everyone who works with us. So we’ll be delighted to talk to you if you wish to get in touch.